Reward Your Staff & Advocates For Sharing Content

RePostable makes it easy for everyone to help spread the word

RePostable Generates Leads

If you want more business then you need to make sure everyone knows about you.  The best way to do that is by having your clients share your content with their social networks. RePostable makes it easy to share your content on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Text Message & Email.

Easy To Share

Imagine... all of your offers, coupons, events, jobs, webinars, white pages, videos, reports, inventory, deals, promotions and more all stored in one location ready for your clients to share with their social networks in seconds.

Reward For Sharing 

With RePostable you can reward people for sharing your content. You can also set up contests for those who share the most content or generate the most leads and have fun growing your business.

Quick Communication With Everyone

RePostable makes it easy to communicate with everyone, anytime. You can send and receive text messages and there's also 2 way in-app communication for app users. Everything is managed in your dashboard.

Easy To Manage

RePostable was built with a web based admin portal so you can manage all of your users, content, rewards, points, leads and referrals from any device. No need for developers you can control your entire RePostable app from any device.

BirdsEye View Of Your Analytics & Stats

From your Social CRM you can view reports by users, which content generated the most leads and who's sharing the most. All of the information you need at your fingertips.